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Experiential Learning

Experiential learning graphExperiential Learning begins and ends with the students. It improves CCNY students and prepares them for the workplace.

To do this, we mobilize the input of faculty members, who educate the students and provide research projects on which they can apply what they have learned. We collaborate with the Zahn Innovation Center, our on-campus business incubator, to cultivate entrepreneurial thinking in our students. We provide resources for professional development, teaching the students how to prepare themselves for the work world. We engage with Industry partners to develop internships and hands-on projects that unite academic theory with business reality.


Experiential learning is based on and delivered by our four-part STEM Ecosystem:

  • Highly-educated, culturally-diverse STEM students receive career development training alongside their project and academic experiences;
  • Dedicated faculty who bring their cutting-edge research to the classroom and projects they directly oversee;
  • Thousands of square feet of on-campus prototyping and co-working spaces.
  • Industry engagement at the formative and operational levels.


CCNY Students are offered a series of specific Training Verticals – Career Search, Graduate School Preparation, Project Management, and Entrepreneurship – that prepare them for the world outside of college.

CCNY Students can apply to participate in Projects which are team-based consulting efforts for research and industry clients. Projects are managed by CCNY faculty and are housed in the CiPASS MakerSpace, fully equipped prototyping suite. They can also gain workplace experience through traditional internship.

Typically, projects and internships are structured on a semester basis, but can last longer. They always require that the student participants produce a specific deliverable at the end that conforms with the specification of the client, and make a presentation of their work to an audience of business and research experts when the project completes.

Corporate and research partners of CiPASS can engage with the college, its professors, and its students in a number of exciting ways. Partners who provide projects or internships can join the Industrial Consortium. Partners that wish to engage at a deeper level, working with CiPASS to shape the future of STEM education and student preparation for the workplace, can join the Advisory Board.

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