Creating a space for student-centered development

The program offers support to CCNY, LAGCC, and BMCC faculty in implementing project-based learning within their courses.


Project Based Learning moves from teacher-centered delivery of information to student-centered development of knowledge. PBL focuses on what students need to practice to make progress, and what they will be able to do by the end of the project/course, often by utilizing open-ended or unstructured projects to scaffold learning. In addition to building content knowledge needed for the course, PBL incorporates “soft” skills such as teamwork/leadership, communication, time management, writing, and presentation skills.


CiPASS is working closely with science and engineering faculty at CCNY, LAGCC and BMCC the faculty in the Grove School of Engineering and the Division of Science to incorporate more ehands-on, project-based learning into their curricula, with the goal of developing student skills and interest by applying content knowledge to real work situations while still meeting the learning goals of the course