The CiPASS Summer Math Bridge Program provides an opportunity for CCNY incoming first-year students majoring in STEM fields to:

  • Place out of developmental math courses (Advanced Algebra and PreCalculus) and save their financial aid dollars
  • Get into Calculus-level math earlier
  • Enter their major-specific courses sooner
  • Get to know the CCNY services, facilities, supports, and other insights

Summer Bridge provides an opportunity to refresh and improve core mathematical competencies by allowing students to work through an accelerated six-week program with our experienced team of instructors and staff. The program generally runs from July through early August.  In 2024, the program will run from July through July 31, Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

While this is not a credit bearing program, if the student passes the exemption exam at the end of the program, they qualify to move to the next-level math course. For example, if the student passes the Advanced Algebra Exam, they can begin their education at CCNY in Pre-Calculus. Students that pass the PreCalculus Exam can begin their education at CCNY in Calculus (and potentially move into the Grove School if they are intending to major in engineering).

Students are invited to register for the program after they have taken the CCNY Math Placement Exam, and may only take the course they have placed into via that test (regardless of high school coursework taken). Registration generally opens in early May.