CiPASS – the City College Initiative to Promote Academic Success in STEM – offers a wide array of programs to support CCNY students through their academic journey, from admission to graduation. CiPASS is committed to the best equity and inclusivity practices to welcome students from any path of life, regardless of where you are on your academic pathway. CiPASS works to create opportunities for you to gain the experience needed to reach your career aspirations. Our goal is to create a supportive community for all STEM majors, and provide multiple pathways for you to engage in authentic STEM experiences to prepare for your future career.

Improving the math readiness of incoming first-year students at CCNY, and welcoming them into the CCNY community.

Welcoming students who transfer to CCNY and cultivating their science skills

Offering paid academic research and industry-based internships to CCNY, LaGCC and BMCC students

Preparatory technical (advanced manufacturing) and soft skill training of CCNY students for academia and industry internships focused on product development and management.

Supporting CCNY, LaGCC and BMCC faculty in implementing project-based learning in their courses

Offering a supportive community of mentors and peer mentors to facilitate the transfer process

Organizing student-driven professional developments, career panels, networking opportunities and engagement events